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AutoGlym, Meguiars, Solar, UF, Dodo Juice, Valet Pro, Michelin, Mothers, Poorboys, Muc-Off,Snow Foam

All the Car Care products you will ever need are listed below to protect your vehicle from the harsh British weather.  G & G Mobile Car valeting work in conjunction with "The Ultimate Finish" who has over 700 Valeting/Car Care products listed from all makers of quality car care and motorcycle products. Such as Auto Glym, Meguiars, Solar, UF, Dodo Juice, Valet Pro, Michelin, Mothers, Poorboys, Muc-Off, Snow Foam and many more.

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Car Care
Washes & Cleaners

Wash Mitts             

Washing Accessories

Snow Foam, Guns & Lances      

Surface Preparation

Detailing Clay, Lubricants

Cleaner Waxes

Car Polishes & Glazes

Car Waxes & Sealants

Carnauba Car Waxes

Wheel Care

Tyre Care

Interior & Leather Care

Plastic, Vinyl & Rubber

Glass & Metal

Quick Detailing Products

Towels & Microfibres

Drying Towels & Chamois   

Applicator Pads

Brushes & Accessories

Car Care Kits & Bundles                    

Snow Foam Kits

Car Wash Kits

Machine Polishing Kits


Detailing Products

Machine Polishers

Foam Pads & Bonnets

Machine Polishes & Glazes

Paint Depth Gauge

Pro Detailing Products

Detailing Accessories

Cabriolet Care

Cabriolet Wind Deflectors

Cabriolet & Soft Top Care

Motorcycle Care (NEW)         

Bike Washes & Cleaners

Chain Cleaner & Lube

Bike Waxes & Polishes

Bike Cleaning Accessories

Bike Care Kits

Helmet & Visor Care

Car Covers

Indoor Car Covers

Outdoor Car Care

Fully Tailored Car Covers

Porsche Covers

Ferrari Covers

BMW Covers


Motorcycle Covers

Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

Harley-Davidson Covers

Scooter Covers

Car & Bike Storage     

Indoor Storage Systems

Portable Dehumidifiers

Chargers & Conditioners

Car Battery Chargers

Car Trickle Chargers

Motorcycle Battery Charger

Motorcycle Trickle Charger

Workshop Battery Chargers

Boat Battery Chargers

Leisure Battery Chargers 

Solar Battery Chargers

Solar Panel Kits (NEW)

Charger Accessories/Leads

Battery Status Monitors

Emergency Power & Light

Jump Starters

Jump & Booster Leads

Jump Starter Accessories

Emergency Car Starter       

LED Torches & Inverters

Wheel & Tyre Care

Tyre Inflators

Tyre Pressure Gauges

Easygrip Snow Chains

Lightweight Trolley Jack

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