Photo Gallery

Engine Cleaning/Detail

The engine of the Wildtrak was covered in sand.

Engine Detail

Before & after photo's of the MR2 detail i completed.

MR2 Detail MR2 Detail After

Door after the customer sprayed it to remove a couple of scratches and the bonnet full of scratches and swirl marks

MR2 Door Prior to Correction MR2 Bonnet

Bonnet After Correction

MR2 Bonnet Side View

Removal process after the customer sprayed the door to cover up a couple of scratches

MR2 Door MR2 Detail Exterior View

MR2 Roadster

Wildtrak Ranger after having a Ceramic Coating applied

Wildtrak Ranger

Burstner I760 Motorhome was in for a wash including the roof and removal of the black streaks. The windows were also sealed giving long lasting protection making them super hydrophobic.

Burstner Burstner Motorhome

Burstner I760 Motorhome

Audi A6

Audi A6 Audi A6

Audi A6


Maserati Maserati int

Maserati Exterior View

Porsche Boxter

Parsche Porsche Boxter



A beautiful looking Lotus  we did for a wedding, the owner was over the moon. Note the dog that would not get out of the photo.

Lotus side view A beautiful looking Lotus


Linzi was very happy with her exterior valet, as you can see the Mini had paint spots all over it. The first picture shown is a picture of the bonnet. The Mini was covered all over in white paint spots. You can see the outstanding results we achieved. A great looking car with a very happy owner.

                                             Mini, paint spots all over vehicle

Mini, paint spots removed from the vehicle  Mini, paint spots all over vehicle

The car is now in a great condition after removal of the paint  Mini, paint spots removed from all over vehicle

If you look at the picture on the left you can see the glue residue which has been left behind from sign writing removal that was on the van.

As you can see, we managed to completely remove the glue.

If you look at the picture on the left you can see the glue residue which has been left behind from sign writing removal that was on the van. 

This is a picture of a Lexus we look after for one of our contracts, a stunning car.

Colin was very happy with the finish of his seats, have a look at his testimonial.


Alloy wheels from a Citroen C2, Phillip the owner confessed the alloys hadn't been cleaned for a while. He was

very happy with the finish.





These are pictures of the roof of a Black Audi A6, it goes to show the high standard of polishing we can achieve.




This is a Rav 4 we valeted which shows the wonderful condition of the vehicle after being valeted.



Internal view of the Rav 4



This is the inside of a Vauxhall Corsa we valeted, as you can see it was in a very bad condition when we arrived.





Chrome comes up a treat.


As you can see below, the Caravan wasn’t in the best condition as it had been stood under trees for two and a half years.
The tree sap, moss and mold had dried on the caravan.

We soon got to work on the caravan and a couple of hours later Brian the owner was very happy with the results. As you
can see it looks like new again.

Martin was happy with his van, he purchased it with glue residue all over it. It looked like a new van once we had done our bit.

Van Glue Sign Removal  Glue Removal

Glue Removal Back Doors  After Glue Removal From The Back Doors

After Glue Removal   Removal of Glue and Polished

Interior View of Dirty Van  Interior view once valeted