Information & F.A.Q

Car Valeting is an essential part of maintaining your car/van, you must protect the paint work all year round. Whether you do it yourself or get a professional to do the job for you, it's a must for any car owner. There are many different car shampoos, polishes, waxes, tyre dressing, plastic conditioners, leather cleaners, even different polishes for different coloured cars. Leave it to G & G Mobile Valeting to bring your car or van back to life.

How Clean is Your Car?

Paintwork Layers

Your Cars Paintwork

The picture to the right shows the different layers that make up your paintwork and the defects that can occur on your paintwork. We use Polishes and Waxes that can remove/cover up these minor defects leaving your vehicle bodywork like new.

High Definition Wax

High Definition Wax is one of the best Waxes on the market, this offers the most lasting protection against all environmental contaminants such as salt, detergents, UV light, acid rain and industrial fallout.
It contains (Carnauba + microcrystallines, waxes + saturated hydrocarbons and oils) it gives a super quality finish with exceptional durability.  

High Definition Wax is simply the finest car wax Autoglym has ever produced.

Clay Bar (Why Clay Bar your Vehicle).

Fallout and Clay BarThe bumps and roughness you feel on your paint are contaminants such as factory fallout, brake dust, tree sap, road grime, that have bonded to your car’s paintwork. Most forms of dirt will wash off when you wash your car. However, some damaging particles bond to your car’s paintwork instantly. Your car is up against these elements all its life; they can start eating into the paintwork and cause rusting. If the fallout is left on the car with an overnight rain or if a considerable amount of dew takes place; the metal particle begins to rust on top of the painted surface.

To test your vehicle for fallout, use a sponge’s cellophane wrapper or food bag, once you have washed your vehicle, just place the cellophane wrapper or food bag on the vehicle and use your index and middle finger to gently rub over the paintwork. If it feels bumpy then you have fallout on your vehicle.
We can Clay Bar your vehicle which would be an extra cost to your valet Once the vehicle has been clayed then the ferrous mental remaing will need to be removed.
The picture to the right shows the different layers that make up your paintwork and the fallout/particles that can land on your vehicle every day; the fallout is exaggerated in the diagram shown. After using the Clay Bar on your vehicle it will leave your paintwork with a smooth surface.

Ceramic Sealant will give your car protection up to 5 years

Offers a permanent Ceramic paint coating that features a high gloss, which is scratch resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant, thermal resistant and Anti-Graffiti. it is Super Hydrophobic meaning the surface coated will stay cleaner for longer as dirt and grime will not stick to the surface, water will bead up and roll off the surface with any dirt and grime, the hard ceramic film offers superior protection from damaging contamination and harsh chemicals.

The ceramic sealant is a permanent bond to the paint work and will not wash away or break down; It offers an excellent high gloss which gives a very shiny mirror finish.


Oxidized Paintwork

Oxidation affects the outermost layers of paint which are constantly exposed to air and water. If the car's outer finish is not protected by a wax coating the oxygen molecules in the air will eventually start interacting with the paint. As the oxygen burns up the free radicals (atoms or molecules ) contained in the paint, the finish becomes duller and duller. This is why professional car valeters recommend at least one layer of wax or other protectant to be used every time the car is washed.
The secret of preventing oxidation caused by oxygen is to provide a layer of protection between the exposed material and the air. Destructive oxidation cannot occur if the oxygen cannot penetrate the surface.
 Low quality soaps, shampoos, washing up liquids and automatic car washes can be damaging to vehicles, we can HD Wax your vehicle and dry the vehicle many times and the Wax will still be on, protecting the paintwork.

What is a Valet?

A valet is a comprehensive clean of your vehicle, it covers the Full Interior & Exterior of the vehicle.
There are many different types of valet, i.e. Mini Valet, Bronze Valet, Silver Valet, Gold Valet, Premium Valet, Full Valet and many other different names that different businesses use.
What this all means is that you get your vehicle cleaned to the highest standard, it all depends what you require valeting on your vehicle. (See below)
An example might be, if somebody just wants a quick wash and hover and the dashboard wiping over, you would choose a Mini Valet. This is a very basic valet and not a deep clean of your vehicle.
Should you want a little more doing on your vehicle like the leather seats, upholstery, carpets, plastics, all washed/cleaned and the leather treated, then you would require an Interior Valet. The boot space would also be covered and the spare-wheel if this is in the boot.
If your vehicle looks a little dull and oxidized i.e. the colour had faded, then an Exterior Valet would be required. The chances are, if your paintwork was dull and oxidized, then so would the plastics i.e. your bumpers and trims, so the plastics will need to be rejuvenated. All this would be covered under the Exterior Valet, your Tyres & Wheel Trims/Alloys would come under this option.
A Full Valet is the whole vehicle, one of the only parts we do not clean is the engine compartment. The reason for this is most of the newer vehicles have electrics under the bonnet, we do not want to be responsible for damaging these which will be extremely expensive to repair.


Waxing your vehicle helps to prevent airborne contaminants from settling on the paint and starting a chemical reaction. Waxing also diffuses UV rays from the sun, thereby preventing the UV rays from being absorbed into the paint. Without the wax, the paintwork would end up dull and oxidized.

A polish is exactly that, a polish. It’s an abrasive substance that lightly removes the top surface which allows the vehicle to shine; a wax on the other hand has no cleaning agents in it. The Wax acts as a protective layer by sealing your paintwork and keeping the oxygen out.  

Absolutely, Unfortunately you cannot avoid getting Tar on your vehicle as its on most roads we drive on, but don’t worry we can remove them from your vehicle in a couple of minutes.

If a bird does its good luck charm on your car you need to remove this as soon as possible as there is lime in the bird droppings, which can damage paintwork. The best way to remove bird lime is to put a damp cloth over the droppings for a few minutes, then wipe off.

Washing up liquid is designed to work in hot water to cut through grease. Using washing up liquid will strip the wax away leaving paintwork unprotected. So we would not recommend this.

Some sound advice to bare in mind

Are you one of those drivers that get a £5.00 car wash? Even the latest, most advanced, automatic car wash may damage your vehicle's paintwork. The chemicals and detergents used are very aggressive as they are designed to remove the dirt and road grime in the fastest possible time which can leave your paintwork with scratches.

Car Wash? Do you honestly think you are going to get the best chemicals on your vehicle for a few pound at your local car wash. Let’s be honest you spend thousands of pounds on your pride and joy then treat it to some of the cheapest chemicals on the market. Ask yourself why. Remember you only get what you pay for.

Liquid Air Fresheners? can be damaging to plastics due to the essential oils that they contain, if you have a spillage clean it up straight away.

Selling your car? If you are selling your car, make sure you have the car valeted, if any smells exist in the car that you are selling, you may not notice them but a potential buyer might. A full comprehensive valet will give a lift to the overall appearance helping you sell your car and obtain a better price.

Don't buy cheap Car Matts?

My own choice are rubber car matts, simply because they are excellent to keep clean, i have valeted many cars with cheap car matts. The cheap matts rot especially on the driver’s side where your heel goes, this then starts rotting and breaks up in your carpet and your carpet then starts to rot. Plus with rubber car matts any spillages that occur simply wash straight off, this is not the case with your normal car matts with a fibre.