Mini Valet:

If you want just a quick tidy up of your vehicle then a Mini Valet should be your choice.

Full Valet:

This is a very detailed interior & exterior clean of your vehicle, this valet would suit anyone that needs their vehicle bringing up to a showroom condition. You may just want to treat yourself or your wife/partner son or daughter. If you are selling your car this valet may well let you ask a lot more money for your vehicle.

Part Valet

Perfect for lease vehicles being returned to the lease company. (Only possible if vehicle is in reasonable condition.)

Interior Valet:

As the name suggests, this is a very detailed interior clean of your vehicle and would suit anybody that wants a thorough detailed clean. You may have just purchased a vehicle and would like to remove odour of the last owner and make it your own.

How Clean is your car?

Exterior Valet:

A showroom shine will be obtained with our exterior valet, suitable for anyone that likes a great looking vehicle.

Machine Polishing

Swirls marks, scuffs, spider webs, etching, webbing, scratches, and marring are all marks in your paint work that can easily occur due to a bad washing technique. Under bright sunlight or bright lights these marks become much more visible as fine scratches and can make the car look unattractive. G & G Mobile Valeting can remove these marks in your paintwork which will restore the paint work to a better than new condition.


If you are changing your fleet of vans or cars or have purchased a vehicle that needs the Vinyl Removed or Glue Residue removed then please give G & G Mobile Valeting a call. Click on: Vinyl Removal - Graphic Removal

Vinyl removal or graphic removal can be time consuming and no two vinyl removals will be the same

Ceramic Coating:

If you are looking for a lolongevity to protect your investment then our Ceramic Coating offer up to 5 Years Protection for your car paintwork.

See our Detailing Page 

HD Wax:

If you have purchased a new vehicle or just want to keep your vehicle in great condition then you will need to get it waxed, most waxes last between 4 & 6 weeks. We use High Definition Wax which will last 3 to 6 months or 50 washes. This wax keeps your vehicle looking better for longer.


Sealants are similar to waxes, they protect your paintwork & give lasting protection. The sealant G & G use will last around 12 months & your vehicle will be hydrphobic which means water will simply run off the paintwork. Your paintwork will be enhanced and have a great shine. Your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer.

Glass Sealant:

Watch water simply repel from your windows, this is a long lasting coating that keeps your windows cleaner for longer

Wheel Sealant:

Keep your alloy wheels protected and cleaner for longer. Full protection against traffic film, brake dust build up, ice and frost, acid rain.


Full corrections and enhancements are offered with a final finish of your choice. We offer permanent ceramic sealants with up to 5 years protection for your paintwork and alloy wheels which are bonded onto the paintwork or alloy, our choice of wax has a high carnauba content which will leave an incredibly deep shine and add protection to your paintwork.

The Ceramic Sealant offered features a high gloss, which is scratch resistant, heat resistant to 780 degrees, chemical resistant, UV resistant, thermal resistant and Anti-Graffiti. it is Super Hydrophobic and its Anti-Graffiti effect combined meaning the surface coated will stay cleaner for longer as dirt and grime will not stick to the surface. The super hydrophobic effect of the coating will cause water to bead up and roll off the surface with any dirt and grime, the hard ceramic film also offers superior protection from damaging contamination and harsh chemicals whilst giving a shinny mirror finish.

Fabric Hood Protection:

If your fabric hood needs a spring clean and protection against the elements then call us for a quote, some fabric hoods may need to be cleaned a number of times to remove the green mould so prices will vary.

Vinyl Hood Cleaning:

The vinyl will be cleaned and rejuvenated.

Clay Bar:

Removes contamination from the paint work such as (tar, furrous particles, overspray plus particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye) making the bodywork beautifully smooth and a glass like feel. Once the vehicle has been clayed, the vehicle will need polishing and sealing.

Van Valet Prices:

on request.

Caravan Washing Pricing:

on request.

Engine Cleaning:

On request

Scratch Removal:

Scratches, swirl marks and scuffs can be removed if they are in the clear coat. Please ask for further details.

Wheel off detail:

Removes baked on brake dust and contaminants such as furrous particles and tar. Alloys can be sealed if required at an extra cost.

Buying a new vehicle:

If you are thinking of buying a second hand car and want to make sure the bodywork has had no previous damage or fillers. I can come out and take the paint thickness readings of the bodywork. This will give you a very good idea if the vehicle has been in a crash or body shop at some point.


G & G Mobile Valeting  Mini Valet Interior Valet Exterior Valet Full Valet  Deluxe Exterior Detail
Mini Valet Interior Valet Exterior Valet Interior & Exterior  Exterior
 approx 1.30 - 2 hours 
approx 3-4 hours approx 2-3 hours approx 5-7 hours
1 Day Plus
Inside windows cleaned
Interior plastics cleaned & dressed
Dash Board  Cleaned  
Mats  vacuumed
Carpets vacuumed
Upholstery vacuumed
Boot space cleaned & vacuumed,
Inside mirrors cleaned
Dash & instruments cleaned
Door shuts cleaned & dressed
Mats shampooed
Upholstery shampooed / Leather cleaned
Boot space carpet shampooed  
Ashtrays & air vents cleaned & polished  
Leather interior cleaned (if required)  
Headlining cleaned
Deodorise the interior (hand spray)
PH Neutral Pre Cleaner
Wheels cleaned & acid applied if necessary
Wheel arches cleaned
Rinse all loose dirt from vehicle
Traffic film remover applied
Wash exterior with shampoo & conditioner
Exterior dried with plush drying towel
Tar Removed From Vehicle
Clay Bar
Exterior bodywork hand polished
Exterior bodywork Waxed - Customer Choice
Tyres dressed to that new showroom look
Exterior mirrors cleaned
Exterior windows cleaned
Exterior mirrors polished
External plastics rejuvenated
Glass Treated & Sealed
Alloy Wheels Sealed
One Stage Machine Polish
Choice of Ceramic Sealant or Wax
Chrome Exhaust Pipe Cleaned
Machine Polishing - Removes scuffs, swirl marks, light Scratches in the clear coat          
Glass Treated & Sealed will become Super Hydrophobic          
Wheels Sealed          
Clay Bar More Information        
Ceramic Coatings More Information        
High Definition Wax  More Information        
Detailing More Information         


We reserve the right to change prices at anytime and  any services we offer.