Ramsbottom Mobile Car Valeting, Van Valeting Ramsbottom


G & G Mobile offer Car Valeting & Van Cleaning Service in and around Ramsbottom for Business customers and Residential customers. We are fully mobile and carry water and power with us so it really doesn't matter whether your at work or home.

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Ramsbottom Mobile Car Valeting

Car Valeting is an essential part of maintaining your vehicle, you must protect the paint work all year round. Whether you do it yourself or get a professional to do the job for you. If your vehicle is protected properly you are protecting your investment and should be able to get a better price should you decide to sell or trade the vehicle in.


Car Valeting Ramsbottom

If your a business customer or an individual that requires a high standard of car care, you have come to the right place. Mobile Vehicle Valeters. We won't just valet your vehicle we will look after it for you. We treat all vehicles as if they were our own. Our Valets are of the highest standard. Your vehicle will look as good as new if not better than when you purchased it. See our Gallery If one of your employee’s Car Lease(s) is coming to an end, then the car must be valeted before the car returns to the lease company or penalties may be incurred.


We only use the best products on the market, Autoglym is our choice, a quality product with a quality finish. Whether you require a quick Wash & Wax to a complete make over of your vehicle with our Full Valet, you can be sure of a quality finish.


Waxing your Vehicle

We always try to stipulate to our customers how important it is to protect your car through our British weather, we find many of our customers never wax their vehicles or didn't realise how important it is. The reason why you should wax your vehicle is, If the car's outer finish is not protected by a wax coating the oxygen molecules in the air will eventually start interacting with the paint work. Read More: High Defination Wax


Mobile Car Valeting - Van Valeting Services offered:

Mini Valets

Full Valets

Inverior Valets

Exterior Valets



Caravan Washing

Wash & Wax

Jet Washing

Mobile Valeting, if you have a fleet of Vehicles that require Cleaning or you are a sole trader, you can be sure the quality of service will be fantastic.

Which Valet should you choose: We have a number of different valets that you can choose from, see above, if you require anything that is not listed. Please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Caravan Washing & Valeting


Are you the owner of a Caravan or have one on a storage site. Many of our customers have their Caravan(s) washed at least twice a year, once to get ready for the summer and again before storing in winter. We can Wash you Carvan and you don't have to be there, just give us the address and what type of Caravan you have and we will do the rest for you.

Don't let your caravan get in this state, Click Here


If you want us to look after your vehicle(s), whether it be on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis we can accommodate what you are looking for.


We also offer a Jet washing Service for the following:

Patios, pathways, driveways, decking, plus many other paved and brick surfaces.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quotation. Call Graham 07825-561-598  Mobile Car Valeting at its best.